English Mutual House is open – for more details please see our Coronavirus page.

Fred’s of Worcester continues to welcome customers and is open from Monday-Friday 8am till 1pm for lunchtime takeaways, coffee and cake. For more details visit us.

About Us

Whatever your needs may be​

We are a family run business who believe that a positive and transparent culture is the most important ingredient of any enterprise. We acquired No 22 in 2003 as the Head Office for our previous company, English Mutual. We believed then, as we do now, that your premises can say a lot about your business. No 22 served us well and our hope is that this grand old building will help other enterprises flourish as it did ours.


Why choose English Mutual House?


We have owned No 22 The Tything since 2003 - predominately as a Head Office for our own business. Although we now don’t need the whole building we will still occupy a small suite.  As such the standard and ambience of the building is important to us not only as a landlord but also as a tenant.  We are delighted to be sharing the space and enjoy the buzz, energy and interaction between the different occupants!

Newest technologies

We have super fast broadband available for the office rooms and video conferencing facilities with full connectivity for the meeting rooms. Telephone (voip) and mobiles can also be provided. We felt it vital to be able to provide the newest technologies in English Mutual House as the running of your business smoothly is vital to you.

More than an office

We don't want to just provide you an office, but a positive working environment. We strongly believe in enjoying where you work and the positive impacts that can have on building a successful business. Directly opposite no 22  you will find our family owned eco-cafe and deli where you can break away from the office or have your lunch and refreshments delivered to you.

About Us

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